[SunHELP] Solaris 9 patchcluster question

Fernando Durango fernando at secret.org
Thu Jun 30 12:54:45 CDT 2005

Hello all, stupid question time!

I was browsing SunSolve today looking for the latest 9_Recommended, and
noticed not one but two (Solaris 9 (157.0M) and Solaris 9 Sun Alert Patch
Cluster (150.4M)). Anyone know the difference between the two, besides
6.6MB of patches?



p.s. Obviously some patches are missing from 9_SunAlert_Patch_Cluster.zip
that are included in 9_Recommended.zip, but I guess I am really looking to
find out what are the criteria for inclusion/exclusion. Has Sun documented
this somewhere?

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