[SunHELP] Sun gigabit ethernet technologies

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Wed Jun 29 13:09:08 CDT 2005

fabio at crearium.com said:

> want to buy a gigabit ethernet card, but I dont understand when they refer
> to copper and fiber.

They're two different gigabit media.  'Copper' is RJ-45 plugs on a
Cat-5e/Cat-6 cable; 'fiber' is an older fiber optic medium that probably
isn't of much interest to you.

> Is it possible to use gigabit ethernet with utp conventinal cables used in
> 10/100 hubs ?

Probably.  Gigabit uses more (all?) of the wire pairs in Cat-5 cable, so
unless they were wired on the cheap (or done to carry 100BaseT and phone
over the same cable) they should work.

> If so, What Sun products can be used on a blade 1000 ?

Have you checked http://sunsolve.sun.com?  A quick perusal points to X4150A.
 Matthew Weigel
 unique at idempot.net

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