[SunHELP] Solaris 10 and your thoughts..

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
Tue Jun 14 14:45:33 CDT 2005

sun supplies support for 9-10 years.

solaris 11 will out in 1.5 years.

sun rewrote solaris' tcp/ip stacke.

(to get ready for open_solaris?)

networking is faster (and a selling point).

Scott Walker wrote:
> I'm looking for some honest opinions on solaris 10.
> My Ultra10 which I was running Debian linux root disk finally died
> (uptime of close to 3 years).
> So it's time to reinstall (gonna do a raid 1 this time).
> Here is my problem, Use linux, which is fast, up to date.
> Or go with solaris 10 (or even 9).
> My concerns with Solaris 9 (and sort of with 10). In 2 years, 3 years,
> am I going to be up a creek without patches? Say, I put 10 on, and
> suddenly 11 comes out. Easy migration to 11? Or reinstall? Under debian
> it's apt-get -u dist-upgrade wait for 30 mins, and i'm done.
> How is the performance on 10? I remember when I moved from solaris 9 to
> linux the box felt a ton faster.
> This server sits in my cloest, and does internal dns/dhcp/monitoring of
> my home lan, as well as my external colo lan, it's a file server, and my
> jump host.
> Sol 10 overkill?
> I guess i'm just at a crossroads and looking for some input from people
> who's run solaris 10, or just flat out have some comments :)
> Stats are as follows:
> Ultra 10 Creator
> 440Mhz CPU
> 256M of ram
> 2x 36G Ultra2 SCSI Drives
> 1x 50G Ultra2 SCSI Drives
> 1x 16GB DAT Backup drive
> As for sticking 3 decent sized SCSI drives into an ultra 10, I can say
> it ain't pretty, but it works (I have one in colo same config, been up
> for 2 years now [runs linux]).
> And more of a personal question, why would you choose solaris over
> linux? Why linux over solaris?

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