[SunHELP] A discussion about patch policy

Dieter Montanez dietermontanez at bellsouth.net
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We do normally not install a cluster provided by SUN. We
run "smpatch" utility from SUNWppro and determine the
really required patches for every individual system.
Since the systems in question are to run on high
availability environments (Fossil and Nuclear power plants)
we carefully review each patch to asses any impact on the
applicatioon software. We than first install the patches on
staging machines and run them for a while there before we
proceed to install them on the actual production systems.
All our systems are run on a redundant basis, so we normally
first patch the "stand by" units and than make a failover to
them to proceed to install on the peer systems. All patching
is done on "single user mode" remotely via terminal console
servers using a modified version of the "instalcluster" script
but with our own patch_order patchlist.


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Good Morning,

	We are having a discussion about cluster patch policy and i was
hoping to get input from these lists.

	Sun recommends that cluster patches be installed in single user
mode.  Some folks here prefer to install the patches remotely and reboot
remotely.  What policies do other admins take and why?  What are the dangers
if any of installing remotely?

Many thanks,
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