[SunHELP] break sent during connection to SC

listmail at triad.rr.com listmail at triad.rr.com
Wed Jun 8 11:27:28 CDT 2005

I connected to an V880 SC this morning through the serial port. It was 
already stupid that I chose to use hyperterm since you can't manually 
send a break, but somehow it sent a break anyway.  Either through 
having connected a cable or perhaps settings I chose which were 
9600,N,8,1.  Is there any explanation behind this?   I suppose setting 
the keyswitch to lock should prevent this in the future, but I flipped 
out to see our production box sitting at the ok prompt...  I 
tried "resume" but was getting FAST MMU miss so I had to reboot the 
box.  Thanks for any info.

FYI I've caught wind of TERATERM and i'm going to check that out, but I'
m still wary of connecting up through the serial port if a break is 
going to be sent and thus interrupt operations.  All I really need to 
do is dump the config and get the IP address that was originally 
configured in the SC for administrative telnet connections.

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