[SunHELP] Installing new disks on E450

Patrick de Ruiter patrickr at nedstat.nl
Mon Jun 6 17:26:45 CDT 2005


You probably want to mirror the disks or something like that.
Google a bit for the answers and also take a look at http://sunsolve.sun.com
Solaris has excellent documentation so I suggest start reading these
documents and try it yourself, if you still got questions afterwards we will
be happy to answer them.

Consider this: give somebody food and he will eat for a day, teach him how
to grow his own food and he will eat for life
(A wise lesson from one of my mentors)

Cheers and success,

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Hi All,

In Solaris 2.7 env on E450, three disks went bad. We acquired new disks and
like install those. My question is, after installing the new disks physicall
what steps are next. what command sneed to be run and etc. Any pointers will
be appreciated.

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