[SunHELP] ssh2 & scp2 for Solaris 10 SPARC

Marek Grinberg marek.grinberg at tele2.se
Mon Jun 6 15:29:55 CDT 2005


Pardon my ignorance, but how do I check what ssh flavor is running in 
the server?



Yazid wrote:

>You are probably trying to scp to server running f-secure/tectia ssh.
>Check http://www.snailbook.com/faq/scp-ossh-to-ssh2.auto.html
>On 6/6/05, Matthew Weigel <unique at idempot.net> wrote:
>>On 5 Jun, 2005, at 5:50 PM, Marek Grinberg wrote:
>>>>scp -p a oracle at host:/stage_area/a
>>>oracle at tvpe's password:
>>>scp: warning: Executing scp1 compatibility.
>>Your local copy of scp is warning you that it thinks it has to devolve
>>to v1
>>>scp: FATAL: Executing ssh1 in compatibility mode failed (Check that
>>>is in your PATH). lost connection
>>That looks like the SSH.com v2 server.  That really looks like 'host' is
>>old, and possibly misconfigured.
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