[SunHELP] Setting backspace key

Christopher Schroen schroenc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 08:25:04 CDT 2005

There's no need to change your shell.

In root's .profile, put this line:

stty erase '^h'

That's literally single-quote caret lowercase-h single-quote.

That ought to work fine.  I do this on all my systems, because I too
get extremely annoyed by having to "stty erase ^H" every time I log in
as root.

If it doesn't work, you can email me and I'll try and help figure out what's

(Bash does NOT always "have the backspace mapped correctly," by the
way.  The terminal settings have little to do with your choice of
login shell.)

On 7/19/05, James, Denise <denise.james at fldoe.org> wrote:
> I did not want to change the shell that is in use.
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> Hi James
> James, Denise wrote:
> > I have tried to edit the .profile that root uses so that I can set the
> > backspace key.  Nothing seems to work.  I also tried to set an alias
> and
> > that did not work either...I got the error not found.
> >
> you could use bash.  It has the backspace mapped correctly.
> Lara
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