[SunHELP] anyone gotten a 73gig drive to work with am ultra?

Michael Lehmann maal1 at gmx.de
Fri Jul 1 14:27:30 CDT 2005


> i think. also, sca drives are supposed to self-terminate.

No, they aren't. The termination is integrated in the "backplane" with the 80p
connectors. If you use an SCA-68p/50p adapter an addtional active terminator
is required.

My configuration in an SPARCengine Ultra AXi:

68p connector on system board ---  68p harddisk --- cd-rom drive with 68p-50p
adapter  --- 68p active terminator

The cable is 68p. The harddisk is either 68p UW-SCSI or 80p (SCA) with 68p-SCA

> i purchased a 73gig sca hard drive in a sun 611 case some time ago,
> and tried to attach it to a 'new' ultra-1. it was not recognized, no
> matter what i tried. i eventually took the drive, attached a 50pin to
> sca adapter, and put it on a sparc2 which is very reliable, and besides
> has sformat working on it. it was attached at scsi station 0.

You can try to force single-ended (SE) mode by setting a jumper on the drive.
Probably the drive remained in LVD (low voltage differential) mode.
For example the Seagate ST373405LC (73GB) has a "FORCE SINGLE ENDED" jumper.

I had never problems using LVD/SE harddisks in my Ultra 1, 2 or 30.


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