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steve steve at n2sw.com
Mon Jan 31 08:19:45 CST 2005

Colin Anderson wrote:
> I have a few questions about the Solaris side of my new SunRay setup.
> When I first configured Solaris 9.0 and SRSS 3.0 I found a very large
> number of open TCP and UDP ports. I have since disabled many unneeded
> daemons but I still have a few more ports that I wish I could close.
> Ideally I would only like to have SSH port 22 and the SRSS 3.0 ports
> open.
> 1) What ports does SRSS 3.0 need open to communicate with the SunRay
> terminals? Ports 7007 through 7012 are open. Are all of these needed
> for SRSS 3.0? If not, how can I close some of them?
> 2) How can I close ports 6002 - 6005? I do not need remote access into
> X11 / XDMCP.
> 3) I thought I disabled all of NFS, yet port 4045 still appears to be open.
> 4) I thought I disabled all of RPC, yet port 32779 still appears to be open.
> 5) And finally, what software would you recommend that I install on
> the Solaris system as a sort of server-side firewall where I could
> disable / block certain ports to certain IP ranges without having to
> disable deamons. I would like to modify a simple configuration file to
> block ranges of IP addresses and/or ports.
> Thank You.
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tcp wrappers or xinetd

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