[SunHELP] syslog send a mail

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Wed Jan 26 09:53:34 CST 2005

Cloud L. Lee says ...

> I want it's real time.
> It send a mail immediately after syslog make a message.

I'll bet you don't, actually.

I had a mechanism like that on my SGI; it would send me an e-mail every time
there was an unsuccessful SSH login attempt.

One day some bastard in Korea launched a dictionary attack against my SSH
port.  Fortunately, it happened during the day, while I was here sitting at my
desk, so I was able to shut off SSH and dump the mailqueue after the first 800
or so messages.  Had I not done that, I expect he's have eventually filled the
drive and killed the machine.

It could have been worse.  My original idea was to send an SMS message to my
cellphone ...

Moral:  Think carefully about what you want.  You may get it.


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