[SunHELP] Mozilla / Firefox on Solaris

bigblock judge bigblockjudge at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 17 19:35:17 CST 2005

What is the "best" way to go about deploying Mozilla and/or Firefox on a 
SunFire 280R running Solaris 9 that will be serving about 20 SunRay 
terminals via SRSS 3.0?

We currently are using the horrible Netscape 4.78 that ships with Solaris. 
Also being tested on the same machine is the Sun-contributed, Forte-compiled 
Mozilla 1.7.5 from mozilla.org. It is apparently using the GTK1 libraries 
that were installed along with Solaris and GNOME when we installed Solaris 
9. It works OK, but it could be a little faster. I have not yet been able to 
locate a Forte-compiled Firefox for Solaris that uses GTK1. I have tried to 
compile it myself, but there are so many dependencies and I don't have that 
much time to spare. Also, I am not certain if the builds on sunfreeware.com 
were generated with Forte. Something compiled with Forte and optimized for 
Solaris 9 and UltraSPARC 3 would be awesome if I could find such a binary.

What do you suggest for Mozilla and/or Firefox on our system? I would like 
to stick with something that uses GTK1 as it has been my experience that 
GTK2/Pango applications comsume more RAM and CPU than those that use GTK1.

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