[SunHELP] SUN Fire 4800 SAN I/O error messages

Sonam chayul2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 15 20:07:23 CST 2005


I've a SUN Fire 4800 that is connected to 2 SANs -
CX600 and FC4700 through Brocade switch. Only one FC
adapter connects to the FC4700 SAN where the disks are
reporting error in the messages file as follows:

Jan 15 17:33:51 msdwhp01 scsi: [ID 107833
kern.warning] WARNING:
/ssm at 0,0/pci at 18,600000/lpfc at 1/sd at 1,7 (sd406):
Jan 15 17:33:51 msdwhp01        i/o to invalid

Has anybody come across such an error message? What
does that mean? Thanks


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