[SunHELP] restrict outbound traffic of second interface

Tim Gallagher timg98376 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 11 19:56:22 CST 2005

We have a couple of Solaris 9 boxes and need to configure backups. Each box
has two interfaces, one that is the primary for the running app and a
second, on a different network which we would like to use for the backups.

backup net

How do we configure the routing of the second interface (eri2 for example)
to handle only the traffic going out to the backup network? All other
outbound traffic from the box should pass out the primary interface.

>From looking in the archives and google it appears that a simple "route
statement should do it, but the precise syntax eludes me. Also, what is the
best method to have it persist after reboots? ...a start script?

Thanks very much in advance,
-- Tim

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