[SunHELP] Changing T3+ IP address without rebooting ?

Sebastien Daubigne sebastien.daubigne at atosorigin.com
Tue Jan 11 10:42:29 CST 2005


We moved 2 T3+ arrays from one network to another.
I connected to them via console port, disabled RARP, and *statically* set
IP/Netmask/Gateway (using the "set" command).

Now I'm trying to ping the *new* IP :
- From the T3+ : I get a "sendto error 5033", which is an error from the IP
stack, not a "no response" !
- From a server on the same subnet : I get no response.

However, when I try to ping the *old* IP *from* the T3+,  the T3+ responds
OK !
Note that pinging another IP from the same subnet as the *OLD* IP gives no
error (just a "no response").

It seems the T3+ did not take into account the new IP, even if the "set"
command reports the new IP, as if the old IP was still stored in the
internal IP stack !
As the 2 T3+ have different firmware revisions, I guess it's not a bug, and
I suspect the T3+ needs to be rebooted to take the new IP.

Any idea ?

Here are some traces :

bootmode  auto
bootdelay 3
sn        105458
hostname  sfret3p1
vendor    0301
model     501-5710-02(51)
revision  0200
logto     *
loglevel  3
rarp      off
mac       00:20:f2:00:43:cf

===> NEW address : Ping ERROR
ping ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto error 5033
ping: wrote 64 chars, ret=-1

===> RANDOM address : Ping ERROR
ping ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto error 5033
ping: wrote 64 chars, ret=-1

===> OLD address : Ping OK
ping ( 56 data bytes is alive

===> Another address on the same subnet as the OLD address : Ping KO
ping ( 56 data bytes
no answer from

Sebastien DAUBIGNE
Sebastien.daubigne at atosorigin.com - +33(0)
AtosOrigin Infogerance - IMS/ERP/Pessac

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