[SunHELP] ufsdump verification errors

Yazid mohd.yazid at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 21:09:26 CST 2005

When doing ufsdump, I normally use raw device name instead of block
device (/dev/md/rdsk/d30 instead of /dev/md/dsk/d30).
I have never try the v (verify) option, according to man page that
will cause ufsdump to check the backup againts the source file after
the backup. If you need to use the v option, unmount the source
partition first before doing the backup, if the source is / then you
need to boot to cdrom.
Hope that will help.

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 11:06:40 -0800, Sheldon T. Hall
<shel at tandem.artell.net> wrote:
> Edward Chase writes ...
> > Happy New Year!
> ... and the same to you, yours, and the bank's.
> > Friday, I attempted to backup 2 systems to tape using
> > ufsdump.  (We normally
> > use IBM Tivoli.)  I had the machine down at "init s" and I
> > kept running into
> > problems during the ufsdump verification.  I even tried it on
> > an unmounted
> > filesystem.
> >
> > ufsdump 0cvf /dev/rmt/0 /array1
> > and
> > ufsdump 0cvf /dev/rmt/0 /dev/md/dsk/d30
> >
> > Would the verification errors simply be due to bad tape(s)?
> One tape, maybe.  DLT is very reliable, in my experience, so I'd think that
> if you had more than one failure, it's not the tapes.  It might be the
> drive, cable, termination, etc.
> Is it failing on a file that might have changed, even in single-user mode?
> > If so, is there
> > way of checking tapes in advance of waiting for backups to fail?
> I think you're doing it.  Write a tape with contents you can check, then
> check the contents ...
> There's probably a real testing program, maybe from the hardware
> manufacturer, but I've never looked for it.
> -Shel
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