[SunHELP] ufsdump verification errors

Edward Chase echase at studentweb.providence.edu
Tue Jan 4 10:55:31 CST 2005

Happy New Year!

Friday, I attempted to backup 2 systems to tape using ufsdump.  (We normally
use IBM Tivoli.)  I had the machine down at "init s" and I kept running into
problems during the ufsdump verification.  I even tried it on an unmounted

ufsdump 0cvf /dev/rmt/0 /array1
ufsdump 0cvf /dev/rmt/0 /dev/md/dsk/d30

Would the verification errors simply be due to bad tape(s)?  If so, is there
way of checking tapes in advance of waiting for backups to fail?

Solaris 9 if it makes a difference.
DLT8000 tape drive (I think.)


Edward Chase
Providence College
Information Technology

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