[SunHELP] Backing up Exchange 5.5 from Solaris

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Fri Feb 25 14:32:20 CST 2005

Thomas Cameron wrote:
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>> Just a quick question: Does any one know of any backup software that
>> would allow one to backup an Exchange 5.5 server onto Solaris?
>> For a couple months I have a old Exchange 5.5 server I need to backup,
>> and I would like to do it to an Solaris server without shutting down
>> the Exchange server. As it is 5.5, the ntbackup util won't work as it
>> will just stream to tape and not to a file. As well, I would like the
>> ability to do a mailbox level restore.
>> Any pointers would be great.
>> Jim
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> Maybe something with perl::imap to grab each of the mailboxes?

Only if IMAP is enabled on the server.  In any case, that is a very bad 
way to back up an Exchange database.  It's false security -- it'll 
appear to work, but restoring it will do Bad Things to Exchange.

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