[SunHELP] nawk and ksh

Belanger, Marc Marc.Belanger at mpi.com
Wed Feb 16 12:43:05 CST 2005

Greetings all,

I am observing weirdness with the nawk command in a ksh script, as
opposed to the ksh shell. Here's the short version (not!); I am patching
a rather large number of systems manually (for the last time, I hope),
and using Feb04 sun_recommended cluster. I'm trying to get rid of the
return code 2's, and 8's, although I won't mind a few 25's which I'll
clean up later. I'm dumping the output into patch_order for
install_cluster to use, instead of the complete 1* method.

The manual method gets me exactly what I want. I verified all the
patches on several machines. There really aren't that many on
semi-current machines; there are a ton on older boxes though.

# cd /8_patch/8rec # ls -ld1 1* |nawk '{print $9}'|sort -d >
/var/tmp/8rec.x # cd /var/tmp # showrev -p|nawk '{print $2}'|sort -d >
/var/tmp/show.x # comm -13 show.x 8rec.x |wc -l

Until I run them from inside this script:
--- start ---
# more list.ksh

cd /8_patch/8rec
ls -ld1 1* | nawk '{print $9}'|sort -d > /var/tmp/8rec.xx
cd /var/tmp
showrev -p|nawk '{print $9}'|sort -d > /var/tmp/show.xx
echo "Scripted count is: `comm -13 show.xx 8rec.xx|wc -l`"
comm -13 show.xx 8rec.xx > /var/tmp/patch_order
echo "File count is: `wc -l < patch_order`"

# Just for fun I comm The manual nawks the exact same
# and they get a different number, what gives?
echo "Scripted count from manual nawks was: `comm -13 show.x 8rec.x|wc
-l`" exit
--- end ---
# ./list.ksh
Scripted count was:      174
Scripted count from manual nawks was:        8

Any ideas from you folks would be helpful, as I would rather script the
patch_order generation. I'd only have to logon to the machine, instead
of typing it 9347653462452 times. :)

Thanks in advance.

Marc Belanger
MPI UNIX Support

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