[SunHELP] Usage of disk

Sunil Rawat sunil.rawat at techbooks.com
Tue Dec 27 01:56:18 CST 2005

I have some query on disk usage in servers actually in my organisiation we 
were using sun serrvers and we created numbers of volumes or partation of 
200GB say /101 , 102 etc  are of 200 GB and in each  volumes we have a dir. 
and in each dir we have some child dir. and in child dir there is more 
child dir. and at last there is some job folder or file ,actually my query 
is how we can recognise that particular file or job folder is not touch in 
last six month ( Reqd output at first stage ) as we know that if we 
use  find command it will give output of modified folder but not tell the 
out put at first stage, it will give output of file of child or folder just 
above the modified file or job and output is not reldected to the root or 
first stage dir.

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