[SunHELP] Guidelines on the number of sysadmins need to support a server.

Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Wed Dec 21 12:59:29 CST 2005

Kind of an open ended question.

Right now I look after 50 servers. I used to be on a project with 2 
admins who looked after 600-700 servers.

So it depends. I don't think there is a magical ratio. It depends on the 
admins, how good they are, etc.

Grindell, Joan M. wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> 	Is anyone aware of any guidelines that address the appropriate
> staff size based on the number of servers in the environment?  We would
> like to know for example how many system admins are needed to support a
> server taking into account the requirements for patching, monitoring,
> and securing a server.
> Many thanks,
> Joan
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