[SunHELP] Solaris Korn shell (ksh) key binding

Adrian Florea Adrian.Florea at alcatel.ro
Tue Dec 13 04:05:58 CST 2005

try to put this in a 'kshrc' file

set -o emacs
alias __A=$(print '\020' )
alias __B=$(print '\016' )
alias __C=$(print '\006' )
alias __D=$(print '\002' )


fabio wrote:

>Anyone know how to enable default Sol 10 /bin/ksh to use 
>history-search-backward ? (Just like freebsd's default korn shell).
>One question related is how to enable arrow up and down keys to emulate 
>bash using Ksh ? (wether vi or emacs key binding). I want to have the 
>same funcionality of bash on the default ksh, it saves you some 
>keystrokes and it is usefull for Sun ray clients
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