[SunHELP] Netra X1 LOM access

abbey abhishake00 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 5 18:07:17 CST 2005

here is a picture of the pinning that i am using. 
hopefully this picture will help.  would someone be
able to tell what i'm doing wrong?  thank you very


--- Dale Ghent <daleg at elemental.org> wrote:

> On Nov 24, 2005, at 6:15 PM, abbey wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I am trying to access a netra x1 via lom.  I am
> using
> > the flat light-blue cisco cable.  I have the
> serial
> > end of the cable attached to a serial to usb
> convertor
> > which is plugged into my mac.  I am using zterm to
> > access the console.  my baud rate is set to
> > 9600-N-8-1.  I can access my other machine's
> console
> > just fine using the db9-usb convertor, so i don't
> > think that it's the convertor that's busted.  is
> there
> > anything i am missing or overlooking?  any help
> would
> > be appreciated.  thank you very much in advance.
> 9600/8/n/1 is indeed the correct speed setting.
> On the netras, the serial pinouts are reversed from
> normal, so I  
> would suggest (if you have them available) trying
> the green cisco  
> serial cable or any cable whose pinouts are reversed
> from the blue  
> one you're trying to use.
> /dale
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