[SunHELP] GUI interface between unix servers

Chris Anderson christop at charm.net
Fri Aug 26 14:56:31 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 10:13 -0400, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " From: "Grindell, Joan M." <GrindellJ at SEC.GOV>
> " 
> " 
> "       Can anyone help me with this question:
> " 
> "       I am logging onto one of our unix servers from a blade. I get
> an
> " 'xterm'.  From the xterm I'd like to bring up gui sessions (like
> admintool).
> " Does anyone know how I need setup my blade to do this.  Are there
> any
> " howto's on this?
> i assume you're using some sort of xserver in the blade.  is $DISPLAY
> set properly in the xterm?  if it is, anything you launch will come up
> properly.

Also, if you are doing it this way instead of using ssh, you must tell
local X server on the blade that X client connections from the remote
server are ok.

blade$ xhost +server
blade$ telnet server
server$ DISPLAY=blade:0.0
server$ export DISPLAY
server$ admin-tool &

Ssh is a more secure way of doing this, since you don't have to open up
the blade's X server for connections.

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