[SunHELP] Help with ssh2 /scp2 Solaris 9 or 10

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Wed Aug 24 14:09:24 CDT 2005

On Aug 23, 2005, at 6:20 PM, Matthew Weigel wrote:

> No, I think you are confused.  While only Will was helpful enough  
> to point
> out that a soft link from scp2 to scp would 'just work,' no one has
> demonstrated the confusion you cite.

The lack of explanation as to why there is no scp2/ssh2 with OpenSSH  
or SunSSH and assumption that scp2/ssh2 is a normal SSH thing seems  
to indicate there was confusion, or at least, there was a need for  
clarification on the matter.


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