[SunHELP] ps with Solaris 10 zones

Adrian Florea Adrian.Florea at alcatel.ro
Wed Aug 24 09:10:05 CDT 2005

try to use: procsystime
...you can find it on: http://users.tpg.com.au/adsln4yb/DTrace/procsystime


Stevens, Adrian wrote:

>Long time reader/first time poster.
>We have a SunFire v880 with 32GB RAM and 8 processors.  Recently, it was
>live upgraded from Solaris 9 (with the latest 9_Recommended.zip) to plain
>Solaris 10.  If we have one or more additional (non-global) Solaris 10 zones
>running, the ps command slows down, but only in the global zone.
>The results of `time ps` in the global zone are:
>real    0m28.533s
>user    0m0.011s
>sys     0m0.238s
>yet, `time ps -z global` from within the global zone:
>real    0m0.050s
>user    0m0.011s
>sys     0m0.038s
>This shows a remarkable difference between using the -z argument and not
>using -z in the global zone.  The above timings show no significant change
>if one, two, three, four or five zones are running (in addition to the
>`time ps` from within another-zone
>real    0m0.022s
>user    0m0.005s
>sys     0m0.018s
>`time ps -z another-zone` from within another-zone:
>real    0m0.288s
>user    0m0.010s
>sys     0m0.026s
>This shows not much difference using the -z argument when in a zone.
>Obviously you can't do `ps -z global` from within a non-global zone.
>Just out of interest, doing `time ps -z another-zone` from within the global
>real    0m9.526s
>user    0m0.012s
>sys     0m0.106s
>Doing a truss on the ps command shows loads of "Err#2 ENOENT" when it's
>looking at the /dev tree (which kind of makes sense since not everything has
>something attached).  I suspect this is what is slowing it down, as I can't
>see anything else in the truss output.
>My worry is that the ps command is often used in scripting and may not have
>the -z option in it.  This could slow down these scripts quite a bit if
>running in the global zone.
>Has anybody got an ideas?  Anybody come across this before?  Is it something
>I've done?
>Any ideas would be appreciated.
>Adrian Stevens
>Senior Networked Systems Consultant
>Innovation North - Faculty of Information and Technology
>Leeds Metropolitan University
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