[SunHELP] Copying ssh keys from windows to blade 1500 running Solaris 2.9

Grindell, Joan M. GrindellJ at SEC.GOV
Mon Aug 22 12:47:08 CDT 2005

Thanks all who answered.

I was able to piece together from your statements/questions and the internet
that I needed to do the conversion on my PC.  Putty has a conversion option
on the puttygen panel.  Thank goodness.

Many thanks again

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On 8/22/05, Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are the Sun packages built from OpenSSH? I don't have a Solaris box
> handy to check.

I believe they are but it will take some searching to tell:

> 1 12:19:52 512 $ ssh -V
SSH Version Sun_SSH_1.0, protocol versions 1.5/2.0.

That's from a Sol 9 box; pkginfo -l gives similar info.
Strings on /usr/bin/ssh, however, reveals:

@(#)$OpenBSD: ssh.c, v 1.69 2000/10/27 07:32:19 markus Exp $
@(#)$OpenBSD: sshconnect1.c, v 1.8 2000/10/12 09:59:19 markus Exp $
@(#)$OpenBSD: sshconnect2.c, v 1.27 2000/10/19 16:45:16 provos Exp $
@(#)$OpenBSD: ssh-dss.c, v 1.2 2000/12/19 23:17:58 markus Exp $


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