[SunHELP] Extremely poor network performance after OBP upgrade (and os reinstal)

Scott Walker crimson at unspeakable.org
Mon Aug 22 08:57:48 CDT 2005

I have an ultra 10 (440Mhz cpu, 256M of ram, 120G ide) I used to have 
linux on it, and would always get 4-5M/s across the network to it.

I decided to reinstall the box and put Solaris 9 back on it.

After doing a 24 hours copy test, the max network speed I can see to the 
box is 284k/s Has anyone else experinced such a dramatic loss in network 
speed after an OBP upgrade? Because I cannot imagine solaris being the 
cause of such a insane loss in speed. Any ideas?

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