[SunHELP] Network card configuration questions?

James Marcinek jmarc1 at jemconsult.biz
Fri Aug 5 11:06:59 CDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

My background has mainly been AIX and Linux up to this point and I have some
questions on configuring network cards with SUN platforms. I currently have a
little Sparcstation 10 that I have to play with but this question most likely
relates to others too.

I can't see a network card if the system is booted without being connected to
the internet (with the ifconfig -a). I had a static IP set when I built the
system but moved it to another network in which I'm going to use DHCP. Upon
boot, I recieved errors which were likely due to different subnet settings from
my previous environments. Normally with AIX or linux this is not a big deal as I
can edit a file and bring the interface backup. How does one do this with Sun?
Where is the information kept for each device? 

I've also have another system (Sun E250) which has a second NIC but hasn't been
used. We're not sure if the card is bad or not...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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