[SunHELP] Pls. help with HP 9000/300 System, SparcStation LX.

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Aug 1 22:03:50 CDT 2005

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> Ian Finder says ...
> [snip HP stuff of which I know nowt]
>>Now to the LXes:
>>I wired a plain 13w3 - R G B BNC adapter that works fine with my SGI,
>>but it wont work on either LX. The monitor goes on but doesnt show
>>anything (I know I'm booting without a keyboard, but I'm talking about
>>when I'm in open firmware via an RS-232 console and I switch the
>>output to the screen) What do I need to do to fix the adapter?
> I think SGI only uses the three coax connectors in the 13w3, but Sun uses
> some of the other pins.  There must be a diagram somewhere on the 'net.

I think also that SGI uses sync-on-green (probably only the three 
coaxes, yes) and Sun uses composite sync, that is horizontal and 
vertical on one wire. (PeeCees typically use separate sync wires for H 
and V I think.)

Pinouts are available with a little Googling, but it always takes me two 
tries to get it right, and those connectors are a pain to solder.


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