[SunHELP] Pls. help with HP 9000/300 System, SparcStation LX.

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Aug 1 16:40:34 CDT 2005

Ian Finder says ...

[snip HP stuff of which I know nowt]

> Now to the LXes:
> I wired a plain 13w3 - R G B BNC adapter that works fine with my SGI,
> but it wont work on either LX. The monitor goes on but doesnt show
> anything (I know I'm booting without a keyboard, but I'm talking about
> when I'm in open firmware via an RS-232 console and I switch the
> output to the screen) What do I need to do to fix the adapter?

I think SGI only uses the three coax connectors in the 13w3, but Sun uses
some of the other pins.  There must be a diagram somewhere on the 'net.

However, the LX is pretty slow when it has to run both sides of X, so you
can get graphics, so you'll be better off running your X server elsewhere.
If you're not using the LX for graphics, don't bother with a keyboard and
monitor for it.
> What version of solaris should I run, and where should I get it (One
> is running linux now, the other has a wiped HDD)?

It will run up to Solaris 9, I think.  I run 7 on mine.
> What kind of keyboard do I need for them, and where do I get that?

Sun has proprietary keyboards.  Any used computer store that handles non-PC
computers will have some, I'd think.


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