[SunHELP] How do I setup network printer ?

Marek Grinberg marek.grinberg at tele2.se
Mon Aug 1 08:34:57 CDT 2005

Hello again,

Thanks to another respondent (Mark Carroll <mcarroll at iglou.com>), I 
managed to install the appripriate software. Blow you will find his reply:
to add a Lexmark printer  To Solaris Using lexprt Utility:

Download markvision software from www.lexmark.com

select drivers & downloads

select Optra lxi printer

download the Markvision software.

Use pkgadd to install

Run the lexprt program

Create a virtual device <  this requires a valid DNS hostname
Create a print queue  <  This creates the UNIX print queue
/usr/markvision/bin/lexprt   < Utility to install Lexmark printers.  NOTE:
/usr/markvision is a link to /opt/lexmark/markvision or install directory
Must have file /etc/markvision.cmib installed

Select Create a virtual device

name the device the printer name

select 3) network printer

Select "a" to accept

Select "a" to accept again

Create a queue

Select option 5 create a print queue

Name the queue the name you gave above for

virtual device

select the printer type

34) Lexmark Optra M41x (410, 412) Printers               10LOptraM410.b

Select "3) Auto" for printer language

Select "a" to accept the new print queue

Select "a" to accept again


If you have problems you may need to remove the printer from UNIX
lpadmin -x "printername" then recreate from the "Create a queue" above.
Error message will appear that no queues created for the printer or the 
will simply not be visible when you select "List Queues" or "Change 
Queue settings"
from menu.

Menu screens for lexprt program:

Menu below appears:
1) Create a virtual device       (mklexdev)
2) Change a virtual device       (chlexdev)
3) List virtual device settings  (lslexdev)
4) Remove virtual devices        (rmlexdev)
5) Create a queue                (mklexque)
6) Change a queue                (chlexque)
7) List queue settings           (lslexque)
8) Remove queues                 (rmlexque)
9) List queue status             (lpstat -p)


Numbered item, [r] Redraw Screen, [?] Help, [e] Exit

Create a queue screen
1) Queue        pricoac1
2) Description  pr lexmark 103 ortegon 4th fl ap area


Numbered item, [a] Accept, [c] Cancel, [r] Redraw Screen, [?] Help, [e] 

------------------------------ [ Choose a Printer ] 

1) Lexmark 2380 plus Printer                            10L2380p.b
2) Lexmark 2381 plus Printer                            10L2381p.b
3) Lexmark 2390 plus Printer                            10L2390p.b
4) Lexmark 2391 plus Printer                            10L2391p.b
5) Lexmark Forms Printer 2480                           10L2480.b
6) Lexmark Forms Printer 2481                           10L2481.b
7) Lexmark Forms Printer 2490                           10L2490.b
8) Lexmark Forms Printer 2491                           10L2491.b
9) Lexmark Color Jetprinter 4079 Plus                   10L4079p.b
10) Lexmark Forms Printer 4227                           10L4227.b
11) Lexmark C510 Printer                                 10LC510.b
12) Lexmark C720 Printer                                 10LC720.b
13) Lexmark C750 Printer                                 10LC750.b
14) Lexmark C752 Printer                                 10LC752.b
15) Lexmark C91x (910, 912) Printers                     10LC910.b
16) Lexmark E220 Printer                                 10LE220.b
17) Lexmark E320 Printer                                 10LE320.b
18) Lexmark E321 Printer                                 10LE321.b
19) Lexmark E322 Printer                                 10LE322.b
20) Lexmark E323 Printer                                 10LE323.b
21) Lexmark ExecJet II Printer                           10LEJ2.b
22) Lexmark ExecJet IIc Printer                          10LEJ2c.b
23) Lexmark J110 Printer                                 10LJ110.b
24) Lexmark Optra laser printer Family                   10LOptra.b
25) Lexmark Optra C color laser printer                  10LOptraC.b
26) Lexmark Optra Color 1200 printer                     10LOptraC1200.b
27) Lexmark Optra Color 40 printer                       10LOptraC40.b
28) Lexmark Optra Color 45 printer                       10LOptraC45.b
29) Lexmark Optra C710 laser printer                     10LOptraC710.b
30) Lexmark Optra E laser printer                        10LOptraE.b
31) Lexmark Optra E31x (310, 312) Printers               10LOptraE310.b
32) Lexmark Optra Ep laser printer                       10LOptraEp.b
33) Lexmark Optra K 1220 laser printer                   10LOptraKn.b
34) Lexmark Optra M41x (410, 412) Printers               10LOptraM410.b
35) Lexmark Optra N Laser Printer Family                 10LOptraN.b
36) Lexmark Optra S xxx0 (1250,1650,2450) Printers       10LOptraS.b
37) Lexmark Optra S xxx5 (1255,1625,1855,2455) Printers  10LOptraS1.b
38) Lexmark Optra SC color laser printer                 10LOptraSC.b
39) Lexmark Optra Se 3455 laser printer                  10LOptraSe.b
------------------------------------------- [f] 
Numbered item, [c] Cancel, [r] Redraw Screen, [?] Help, [e] Exit
Choice: 34   **** or "f" for more choices.

Marek Grinberg wrote:

>In order to use an Lexmark Optra T614 as a network printer, I have 
>installed the driver from www.lexmark.com
>The printer has its own IP address.
># lpstat -t
>scheduler is running
>no system default destination
>What do I do to make the printer usable ?
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