[SunHELP] Installing Solaris 10 on a logical partition

Simon Annear simon.annear at solnetsolutions.co.nz
Mon Apr 18 14:49:01 CDT 2005

Use vmware (get a demo copy).  It works really well for sol 9 x86 
running under windows


Phil Stracchino wrote:

>Daniel Tahin wrote:
>>I have downloaded Solaris 10 for PC, to getting familiar with it. I'm very new in Solaris:-)
>>To install it, i use the bootable CD-image. Installing it, is very simple, but i would like to install it in a logical partition, because i  need the available 4 primary partition, since there is other OS's on the PC (e.g. Windows), that like a primary partition to be installed in.
>>It seems the install-wizard doesn't allow this. I tryed to create a logical partition under Linux, and change the partition-ID to 0xBF (this was the ID of the primary partition, after the installation), but the install-wizard didn't recognize it.
>>Can you help me at this problem, or is this possible at all?
>You cannot turn a logical partition into a primary partition simply by
>changing its ID.  The structures are physically different, and if
>Solaris x86 requires a physical partition and you have none available,
>you're out of luck.
>Have you considered installing another disk?  This would give you four
>more primary partitions available.

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