[SunHELP] SunFire V100 with disks more than 40GB

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Apr 12 09:17:04 CDT 2005

Rachmad Aryanto-ARACHMA1 wrote:
> Thanks Andrew,
> I think this is just a limitation of the IDE interface regardless of the Sun platform. It has got to do with the limitation of maximum 24 bits LBA addressing in the IDE controller itself. I found one interesting discussion related to this if anyone interested:

Yup, IDE -- be it vanilla IDE1, or the latest shiniest New Improved
Super-Ultra-Ten-Million-ATA -- has always been a disgusting crock, and
probably always will be.  It's popular only because it's cheap, but you
know the mantra -- you get what yopu pay for, if you're lucky.

SATA is an improvement in several key regards, but it's still IDE under
the skin.

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