[SunHELP] ultra-1 and quantum hard drive problem

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Apr 11 11:59:33 CDT 2005

" From: awouk at nilenet.com (Arthur Wouk)
" i have an ultra-1 creator with200mhz cpu.
" it has four hard drives: two internal sca 
" drives, one external 50-pin seagate 9gig drive in a 411 box, connected 
" with a 68-pin to 50pin cable, and a Quantum ATLAS10K2-TY734J73gig
" drive in a 611 box connected via a 68 pin to 68pin scsi cable.
" the first three are seen by both probe-scsi and format. the quantum is
" not seen by either probe-scsi or format, but during boot it is seen
" and rejected. i separate the relevant messages from a boot with all four
" connected by a line of = signs.

you don't specify, but is the quantum first on the external chain,
with the seagate at the end?

" it has been suggested to me that this large a drive responds with a
" self test to the load/stop/start command, and the self test takes more
" time than the computer allows for startup. if this is so, then a much
" smaller drive, say an 18gig one, might be a better replacement.  or
" lese, it might be a jumper problem on the hard drive.

this is plausible but only on cold starts.  the drive should already
be spinning and selftested on warm reboots.

" this is the second such quantum drive i have tried in this configuration.

this certainly seems to rule drive failure out.
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