[SunHELP] SunFire V100 with disks more than 40GB

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Apr 11 11:53:11 CDT 2005

" From: Rachmad Aryanto-ARACHMA1 <Aryanto.Rachmad at motorola.com>
" Hello guys,
" I just got a SunFire V100 that I bought in Ebay. It came with one
" standard hard drive of 40GB. I heard that it can handle up to
" maximum 137GB. Would it work if I put 2 hard drives of 120GB each?
" I am using Solaris 9. Is it true that I need patches for this OS to
" cope with large capacity of disks? Which one would that be? And what
" would the maximum capacity I could get for SunFire V100?

i don't know specifically about the v100, but the older ultra 5/10 was
limited to 137G/HD by its controller chip, and no patch was involved.
they will take dual 120s, and even larger disks though you can only
use the first 137G of each.

iirc you might have to enter the disk geometry by hand to make it fit
within what s9 format can accept; autodetect usually sets heads at 16
and sectors at 64 but format's limits are much higher.  otoh you can
hit format's cylinder limit on autodetect with big disks.

i have also found that what format [on s8 at least] can handle on
disks and what it'll let you specify aren't the same.  for instance
you can't enter more than 256 sectors but it'll happily autodetect and
format 303, or read 303 from a format.dat.
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