[SunHELP] Storedge6100

Adrian Florea Adrian.Florea at alcatel.ro
Mon Apr 4 01:08:20 CDT 2005

Hi !

try to use 'sccli' then issue the commands:

show disks
show events

This may show something...

Also try looking on sunsolve -> system handbook for leds blink status


saanamvenkata vidyanath wrote:

>We have a Storedge 6100 disk array  attached to a v880 sunfire server.
>There are two disk arrays( 2 rows) in the storage and the the lights on the
>disks on both arrays blink with green light showing its working normally but
>for the past 2 days only one set of row has blinking lights and the other row
>of disks have still green light(its not blinking). I am curiuos whether
>somethig is wrong with those set of disks. Any help will be higly appreciated.
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