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Matthew Hattersley MatthewHattersley at businessserve.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 03:09:26 CDT 2004

Good lord man!!!!!!!! PHP-GTK, something tells me you like pain....

You'll be lucky, the default install of solaris doesn't even come with a
compiler, never alone a language, I can say however that TK/TCL install very
nicely and the widgets work well under SunX and CDE. You might even be able
to compile it on another box steal the good bits and run it from your home
directory, far from the prying eyes of root. Mind you, if you are just
looking  at developing a GUI 'then' putting it on a Solaris box, TCL/TK is
pretty cross platform friendly. Therefore develop it on your desktop,
whether that be windows or linux or mac, it doesn't care (I cast no
judgement), and then chuck the files across.

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Are there any gui development tools installed by default on a default
8 SPARC installation?  I was thinking about using PHP-GTK but I do not have
access to root at this time and do not want to wait until I have this access
if there are some other languages available already.


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