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David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Fri Sep 24 08:56:18 CDT 2004

I didn't see a response to this (I subscribe to the digest), so I'll 
chime in:

Yes, an Ultra-SCSI (or Ultra2/160/320 LVD) device will work (or at 
least, it is supposed to, YMMV) on a Fast(-Wide) SCSI adapter, but at 
the slower Fast-SCSI speed (10MBps Narrow/20MBps Wide).  IIRC, LVD specs 
  are to be backward-compatible with Fast/Ultra, and Ultra is similar to 
Fast, just higher speed.   Hope no one minds this simplification.  I've 
connected these types of Sun external Ultra-SCSI disks to Fast-Wide 
adapters (like the Sbus swift cards) without any problem.
David Strom

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SPARCstation 20 - Solaris 9.

Will an SBus card which is Fast SCSI-2 provide a compatible interface
for an external scsi drive that is Ultra SCSI?

X1053A - Sun SBus Combined Fast SCSI-2 and Ethernet Adapter
X5237A - 540-4177 - Sun Microsystems 18.2GB Ultra SCSI in 611 Unipak


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