[SunHELP] Starting X with KDE on Solaris 9 x86

Miguel Cardenas mfcardenas at prodigy.net.mx
Wed Sep 22 12:21:26 CDT 2004


Well step 1 (pkgchk) didn't spit nothing, the package may have other name, am 
gonna check the pkg* utils and try to grep  the kde package to find it and 
uninstall. Didn't check /etc/dt since surely will not find nothing about kde 
since step 1 failed to find it, better will try blastwave...


> I am not using Sun GNOME & KDE (too old).
> Find latest versions instead: http://www.blastwave.org/packages.php
>    1. check paths with: pkgchk -v SUNWkde 2>&1 | grep config | grep dt
>       (if Sun's package has SUNWkde name - otherwise use real one.
>       Commands should show if anything was installed for DTlogin
>       start-up integration)
>    2. check content of /etc/dt tree and find any file related to KDE

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