[SunHELP] Configuring network on Solaris 9

Miguel Cardenas mfcardenas at prodigy.net.mx
Sat Sep 18 23:04:14 CDT 2004


Sorry 'cos the delay but had too much work the last 2 weeks... until now am 
able to retry...

> Check with the dmesg command to see if your network card is found.
> If not check the Solaris hcl to see if it's supported on solaris.

Well, I don't know too much about solaris, but... tried to install in another 
computer, and at the moment to select the installation type appears

[ ] Disk
[ ] CD
[ ] NET

The other computer did not show the NET option neither the ethernet card as in 
this computer...  Where can I get a list of compatible hardware with solaris? 
Respecting the video should not be problems, about audio can try the OSS 
driver for solaris, but my network cards may be the problem...

Currently have installed a Realtek8029 (the one not recognized), so would like 
to see if a 3com (3C509) or a D-LINK cold be recognizen without trying to 
install the system for each network card...


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