[SunHELP] Standards for OS installation

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sun Sep 5 21:04:08 CDT 2004

Tue, 24 Aug 2004 @ 16:50 -0400, velociraptor said:

> At a minimum, if I have the disk space, I slice up space:
> / 1GB

Why so large for root?

> /tmp 1GB (more if the machine has a lot of RAM or there 
> will be a lot of users using the system)

Why so large for /tmp and why more if there is a lot of RAM?

I have gotten so I use memory for /tmp these days, if the system has
room for it.

I have mixed feelings about it though.

> /usr   4GB

About what I do for most OS I use: Solaris, Linux (Slackware), and most
of the *BSD systems.

> /var   2GB (preferrably 4GB)

I usually do 2GB, and anything which requires more I like to keep in its
own place anyway.

For example, programs like MySQL, Apache, and Squid often default to
using /var, and I don't like that.  I don't believe any of those belongs
in /var.

> Of course, these sorts of things are SA dependent--I would venture
> to say it's dependent upon how you, as an individual SA, have been
> burned. :-)

True... though I think every SA that's actually done anything has been
burned by putting everything in the root.

I actually was at NASA two years ago and the head SA there was wanting
to change the standard setups *TOWARD* a single large root partition.

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