[SunHELP] BIND 9.2.3: named crash after 30sec.

Luc I. Suryo luc at suryo.com
Fri Sep 3 10:58:42 CDT 2004


can you do this?

cd /data

tar  -pmcvf dns_data.tar dns
gzip dns_data.tar

then e-mail me the tar file at lsuryo at gmail.com

I would like to see all the config files...

and btw: you do have a key installed correct? and in you jailed-root
env. all needed binaries like:

	dnssec-keygen      dnssec-signkey   lwresd  named-checkconf  rndc
	dnssec-makekeyset  dnssec-signzone  named   named-checkzone

and in dev

	log  msglog  null  random  urandom  zero

depens on your config but the following files?

	named.conf  rndc.conf

and the files/directories are accessible by the user that runs named... 
and the user (named in your script) does excist... yes?

in worse case i can sent you my setup.. i use my own build pkgs that is
at ftp.patriots.net 

ok off to the mountains... I'll check tomorrow..

nb: don't give just yet :-) I been doing Sun-Solaris/BIND for well over 15
years.. we will get this fixed! it that here in the US is a long
week-end periode (Labour-day) so lot of ppl are heading out to enjoy the


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