[SunHELP] Problems with vold

Tim Longo tlongo at avaya.com
Fri Sep 3 08:58:57 CDT 2004

Running Solaris 9 on a Sunblade 100, and gnome desktop with all latest

When I put a CD in my CDROM drive, the drive spins and stops, but does
not mount. It also won't eject until I stop volmgmt.  I can manually
mount the CDROM(after stopping vold), but it won't mount automatically.

So far, I can't figure out what the problem is... so I am looking for
ideas on what to check. It use to work.. so I must have installed or
changed *something*.

So far, I have added a "-v" to the vold process and monitor the vold.log
file. It shows "vold: running" and all the appropriate /dev/rdsk entries
for cdrom, floppy, and rmdisk.  Nothing useful there...

Thanks for any input.

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