[SunHELP] raid issue

Bret Adams bret at fabrikant.com
Thu Sep 2 15:49:09 CDT 2004

Hey Everybody:

I have a 12 drive multipack scsi can hanging off of an Ultra 60 box.  The 
setup is 2 - six drive stripes which are then mirrored with each other 
through Disksuite.  The slot 15 drive needed maintenance so I replaced with 
a new drive.  The resync went fine but as soon as I did some data work, the 
slot 14 drive needs maintenance.  So I replaced the slot 14 drive with 
another drive and resync went fine but when data transfers started, the 
slot 15 drive needed maintenance again.  So I then replaced the slot 15 
drive again with another drive and then the slot 14 drive now needs 
maintenance again.

I am seeing tran_err errors in messages so I think it is not the drives but 
the multipack.  Maybe the backplane is loose in that area.

Has anyone else ever seen this?



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