[SunHELP] OT: Any way to obtain WAN IP address from a DSL/CABLE modem/router

james james at jdfogg.com
Thu Sep 2 11:02:24 CDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 11:23, Andre Blanchard wrote:
> Hello:
> JIC: When you connect your provider assigns an dynamically allocated IP 
> address for your internet connection.  This address is displayed in one 
> of the browser screens via the firmware of your cable/router.  I wish 
> to have that address available through non browser means in order to 
> inform others who require access to this host.  I would like to perform 
> this check during the boot process.
> I was thinking of obtuse ways, like obtaining the URL stream of data 
> from my browser (i.e. invoke netscape with and 
> capture the output), but I was hoping there is a executable like 
> ifconfig that can sniff out this value.
> Any help appreciated.

Use a program called DirectUpdate (may be windows only) or any of the
other dynamic ip clients that can do an http check. Many are linux
based. If you want to script your own there are websites that when poked
will display a page with nothing but your source IP address. Look at the
docs at dyndns.

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