[SunHELP] BIND 9.2.3: named crash after 30sec.

Michael Karl mk at lexcom-net.de
Thu Sep 2 07:35:53 CDT 2004

Hi all,

since Sep.2003 I've had a running DNS-Server with BIND 9.2.2 on a Sol8/UE10.

Last weekend this UE10 crashed very hard ...

Now I try to configure a second UE10 with Sol9 and lastet recommended
Patch-Cluster with BIND 9.2.3 from www.sunfreeware.com.

I took the old config-files from backup and everything works fine now for
30-60 seconds ... external and internal nslookup is ok ... then named crash
without any error-messages.

Could anyone help me ... any hints ???


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