[SunHELP] Configuring network on Solaris 9

Patrick de Ruiter patrickr at nedstat.nl
Thu Sep 2 01:08:00 CDT 2004

Hi Miguel,

Check with the dmesg command to see if your network card is found.
If not check the Solaris hcl to see if it's supported on solaris.

For the gateway issue, you can set the default gateway in the file
/etc/default/gateway .

Hope this helps.

Patrick de Ruiter

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Hello list

I've just installed Solaris 9 for x86, but have a little problem, the
card was not recognized, I guess that 'cos can't even ping to and from the
outside solaris box, I get

ICMP Host Unreachable from gateway localhost (
 for icmo from localhost ( to mysolarisbox ( is a linux box, both of them are connected in a home LAN and have
internet access thru a router... when configuring network at install choosed
"Detect" in the router seccion (instead of specify one or none...

How can I fix that? am new to solaris, know linux and a bit of freebsd, so
move inside the system and edit configurations, but need it to be conneced
internet so I can work directly from the solaris...

All I need is a solaris working with a compiler to port a software,
to my LAN and internet, that's all...

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Is there a graphic utility included to configure the system?
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