[SunHELP] Lazy lady....

Fernando Machado Jr. fmachadoj at inf.ufrgs.br
Wed Sep 1 12:01:24 CDT 2004

I'll try.... ;)

we have a software running in our solaris for comparing gene sequences 
in databases, called blast. We did an analysis here yesterday and it 
took 20 minutes more than a desktop that we have running linux here.

there are little services running, because this machine is only used for 

any tips? what can make this huge machine act like my 486?


Dale Ghent wrote:

> On Sep 1, 2004, at 12:49 PM, Fernando Machado Jr. wrote:
>> what can make a 8gb-ram, 4-processor Fire880v running solaris 8 be 
>> more lazy than a pentium 4 running linux????
> Can you be more vague?
> /dale
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