[SunHELP] DVDs under Solaris SPARC

Javier O. Augusto javier.augusto at gmx.net
Fri Oct 29 09:39:57 CDT 2004


Well, its not a big question but anyway, seems my girlfriend didn't know
my Blade 100 (with an Expert3d-lite) had a DVD-ROM drive, so she broght
some DVDs last weekend..
All I did was grabing CSW's mplayer and gxine packages hoping to "enjoy"
those films...now guess what? It hardly played the film with a reduced
window, and even worst, it complained about _not_ having enough cpu
cycles (??).. I know those IIe ain't UltraSparcs IIIi nor CUs but give
me a brake, at least I thought the Expert3d-lite was an awesome GL card
for the Blade!

Now, as both mplayer and gxine are mainly developed under x86
architecture I thought that perhaps it didn't get on well with sparc..
anyway, I guess it should have been run under opengl.. :(

So pals, if anyone of you have some clue of "how to decent watch a dvd
under solaris 9 sparc" please do let me know! :/

Thanks in advance!


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